2016: Interactio (15 years)

Our own methodology

Private classes thought and made to be unique, exciting and to allow an effective English learning process.

  • The Interactio methodology was developed by me, Prof. Maria Lúcia Mercante Naddeo (Malu), based on my master’s thesis – “O processo de construção da aula de segunda língua” presented to the Applied Linguistics Department of “Instituto de Estudos da Linguagem” (IEL) at UNICAMP (State University of Campinas // Universidade Estadual de Campinas) in August, 1995.

    This methodology at first focused only on the acquisition of Portuguese as a second language by foreign speakers living in Brazil and therefore learning Portuguese in an immersion situation. However, due to its efficiency, that proposal started being used as a reference in researches related to the teaching and learning process of foreign languages, more specifically German, Spanish, French, English, Italian and Japanese.

  • Working with native or Brazilian professionals teaching these languages, I could notice in countless situations in and out of the classroom, that this methodology didn’t just show positive results, but also optimized the necessary time of exposure to the foreign language in a formal learning situation.

    This proposal, essentially interactive, had its conception inside the emerging holistic paradigm (Pierre Weil), which aimed at overcoming the fragmentation of the knowledge, working the brain’s hemispheres in a balanced way and allowing the integration between reason, emotion, sensation and intuition, following the model developed by Carl Gustav Jung.

  • This perspective considers each individual as the main character in his/her own life’s story with unique and genuine experiences, therefore relevant, which are used as input for the construction of his/her book of life in a foreign language. Since 2001, the Interactio Methodology is used, successfully, in two diferente areas:

    1. Educational area

    The Interactio Methodology is the theoretical basis for the collection “English for Life”, currently edited and commercialized by “Yendis Editora”. The collection is made of nine books developed for Elementary and Middle School. As to guarantee the work will succeed, my pedagogical team and I develop courses for English teachers who use the method.
  • 2. Business area

    The “Interactio Consultoria em Línguas” is the achievement of my vision in promoting fluency in foreign languages for children, youngsters and adults with specific needs and interests, always respecting their uniqueness. Consolidated in May, 2001, Interactio aims at promoting communicative competence in English.
  • Our values

    1. Professionalism
    2. Creativity
    3. Customization
    4. Respect
    5. Trust

    This is the link to download my master degree’s dissertation:“O processo de construção da aula de segunda língua” (IEL, UNICAMP, 1995). Please remember to mention the source, in case you decide to publish it, OK? http://cutter.unicamp.br/document/?code=vtls000093158
Malu Naddeo - Biography

What we don’t use

See some common approches that we don’t use in our classes

  • In our classes you WON’T have

    • English coursebooks
    • Repetitive exercises;
    • Grammar activities without a real context;
    • Roleplays;
    • Quantitative tests to evaluate your performance;
    • Group classes;
    • Reading activities adapted for English learners;
    • Non-relevant writing proposals;
    • Guided conversational activities;
    • Comparative evaluations.

Malu Naddeo - Methodology Interactio
Malu Naddeo
Nice to meet you! It’s really nice having you visiting my site!

Prof. Malu Naddeo

  • Nice to meet you! It’s really nice to know you´re visiting my site! My name is Maria Lúcia but everyone knows me as Malu. I’m an educator by nature and my professional journey includes many years of school teaching, academic book publishing and courses development. Nowadays I create customized proposals so that people can achieve fluency in English having Skype classes. I also take some time to prepare lectures/speeches and workshops for parents and teachers.

    I have the privilege of having four daughters and, as I got divorced a long time ago, I had to perform both the father´s and the mother´s roles. As a consequence, I had to be creative, but always establishing strong limits and rules. I’ve been living wonderful emotional experiences being a grandmother since December, 2014 and since then I´ve been learning how life can get sweeter each and every day!

    My hobbies are reading, listening to music and talking to friends about philosophy.

  • I love being with friends and knowing we can share experiences which makes us grow everyday. I like pasta, fruit, wine, chocolate and salads, not necessarily in that order. I admire loyalty and honesty and I stay away from fake and pessimistic people.

    I believe in the construction of a much better world for all of us and I do my part – teaching English and Portuguese for foreigners – in a customized way, respecting each one of my students’ unique way of being themselves and using their needs and interests as input for a solid and lasting learning process. It’s really nice to have you around! Feel free to send me your doubts/questions, comments, suggestions...and who knows? Maybe we’ll have the opportunity to work together!
    Best regards and see you soon!